Interracial dating

When two individuals belonging to separate races try to establish social contact, interracial dating comes into play. Though the example of a white man dating a black woman and vice versa is often quoted, interracial dating also extends to individuals across countries and is not restricted in its geographical expanse.

Though we are in a free world and well within our rights to date anybody of our liking, certain social and discriminatory pressures play their part in raising issues about dating people belonging to different races, which is rather unfortunate.

The reasons touted are pretty illogical. Some feel that a white man dating a black woman dilutes his personality as over the years, blacks have been considered as the weaker and inferior race as compared to the whites. The fact that this reason is still prevalent is a sad commentary on how things stand today and all the efforts put in by great leaders like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi seem to have been in vain.

Such issues are not restricted only to the color of the skin. They crop up even when somebody dates an individual from another country and depending on the perspective, one of them is considered inferior to the other and such dating is often frowned upon.

It is really time for us to reevaluate our value system and start treating people on what they can do as a person and focus more on his abilities, character, rather than judge them based on the color of their skin or what nation they belong to.

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